Every serious business needs a good website. When starting out, many business owners will choose (either via an agency or doing it themselves) a standard website 'drag-and-drop' platform (such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, WebFlow etc.), which gets them online and tells the world who they are and what they do. Over time the business and the website are likely to evolve, and they add new sections to the website (such as a blog) or bring in a few plug-ins to add new features to your website (Booking Forms, Social media feeds, eCommerce etc.)

For many businesses, this setup is perfectly sufficient, but for some heavily reliant on their website for their growth, they may well out-grow a typical 'drag-and-drop website builder. Signs of which include: 

  • The sheer amount of content they have on their site has become almost impossible to manage.
  • The number of plug-ins they have installed has made their website painfully slow (which is dreadful for SEO). 
  • The builder is becoming too awkward to use, and formatting the page takes longer than the writing.
  • Needing to constantly apply security updates, with the fear that each update may well be the one that breaks the site. 
  • It won't integrate properly with other software services and has to be constantly manually updated. 

Why Choose Us?

In short, we don't use 'drag and drop' or template-based website builders. We build in code.

Building websites in code gives us the critical advantage of having complete control over everything and lets us get a website up exactly as our clients want it. The exact look and feel you want can be achieved, and the functionality you need can be incorporated without having to bring in potentially buggy third-party plug-ins, which have the potential to bring a site to a grinding halt. 

Writing in code allows the creation of stunning, feature-rich websites without the bloat that slows websites down and makes the site awkward to use. 

Control with Umbraco

Our customers tell us they want a fast, great-looking website while having an easy way to add new content and keep it up-to-date. Enter Umbraco, our Content Management System (CMS) of choice. We love Umbraco because it provides an incredibly flexible and scalable platform to build websites while providing our customers with an easy-to-use dashboard where they can control the content of their site. 

Umbraco is flexible enough that it can power multiple websites at once, which is excellent for those businesses that operate out of branches, allowing each location to have its sub-website, which can contain both global (i.e. enter once and it appears across all the sub-sites) while still being able to have a local presence with branch-specific content. 

Smart and Connected

Nothing is worse than an out-of-date website, but if you are working with time-sensitive content and you are having to do the updates manually, then it's easy to let it slip. There are, however, options to make a website smarter so that it updates itself and drops any content that becomes irrelevant. 

Where there are separate systems involved, then shouldn't be necessary to divert visitors away from one site and onto an entirely different website to serve that information, when it could and should be all integrated into one. 

Website Development

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