To build great software, you need a rigorous process to ensure everyone is on board with the objectives. So with every new software project, we follow a process intended to ensure we fully understand your needs so we can get it right the first time. Here is how that process works.

Our process


Research and Scoping

To fully understand your needs and requirements, our team need to get to know you, your business, your staff and your processes. We’ll ideally want to visit you to see first-hand how your business operates and the issues you’d like us to solve. 

There will be many questions asked, and some questions will seem silly, but it is essential to ask those questions to ensure no assumptions are made about how your business operates. Speaking to your staff is essential as well; Our experience is that involving your team early and getting their ideas on what would make their lives easier (and more efficient) means they are far more likely to embrace the project at the release stage. 

This phase is also about identifying potential problems that might delay or de-rail the project. For example, if your project involves integrating with one or more third-party services, this stage involves our team researching and studying the development documents of those third-party services to ensure that the integration you are looking for is achievable. If we find a stumbling block, our team will stop working and discuss the problem with you and the possible options to overcome it. Occasionally we do identity problems which make a project unviable and don’t proceed past this phase. 

This phase typically takes between one and six weeks, depending on the project's complexity and your meeting availability.  

Design and Spec

With the scoping work complete, the next step is to begin designing a software solution that meets your unique needs. Our experienced development team will carefully consider various technology and platform options to determine which ones are the best fit for your project. We take a forward-thinking approach, always keeping in mind the potential for growth and scalability as your business evolves.

During the design phase, our team may have questions and concerns that require clarification with you to ensure we're on the right track. This open communication helps us create a solution that accurately reflects your needs and goals.

At the end of this stage, you'll receive a comprehensive proposal that outlines a solution we've designed for you. This proposal includes details on the costs, specifications, and timeframes for your project so you know exactly what to expect. 

Build and Test

After you give us the green light to proceed with your project, our skilled development team will dive right into building your custom solution. We understand that keeping you informed and updated on the progress of your project is crucial, so your designated lead developer will stay in touch with you regularly. They will reach out to you whenever they need to clarify any specific details or have any questions.

Additionally, our team will hold regular "reality check" meetings with you, usually on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These meetings are designed to provide you with a clear picture of the work that has been completed so far and to get your valuable feedback. This way, we can make sure that we are on the right track and that your solution is being built exactly the way you envisioned it. We believe in transparent communication and close collaboration, and these regular meetings are a testament to that.

Release and Acceptance

After the diligent hard work of our development team, your custom software solution is finally ready to use. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we typically follow a two-week testing phase where you and your staff can take the solution for a test drive. During this period, you can push all the buttons, enter dummy data, and experiment with all the features to gain confidence that the solution meets your expectations. Additionally, we'll gather your feedback and make any necessary modifications to the solution to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Finally, it's time for the grand unveiling! With the testing phase completed and any necessary changes made, we'll perform a full rollout of the solution, including the import of your data. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition from the previous processes to the your new automated software solution that streamlines your business operations.